We all know that crowdfunding is a relatively young and vibrant industry that started out to become popular primarily in the western countries and the urban youth in India. Today, 60% of donations to charity made by givers around the world are online, mostly through crowdfunding platforms. Hundreds of thousands of nonprofits, medical patients, artists and so on have greatly benefited from the industry, helping them push their causes and projects off the ground. But what about the tiny tots, the school children that were somehow forgotten (and underestimated) along the way?

In the recent past, many young students and children have proved they can truly make a positive impact in the giving sector through crowdfunding. Here are 3 campaigns by “philanthrokids” that we truly applaud!

DPS, Bengaluru crowdfunds for heart surgeries

WHO noted that in 2015, heart conditions were responsible for over 15 million deaths worldwide. 50 students from Delhi Public School, Bengaluru made medical crowdfunding history by successfully raising Rs 20 lakhs in just 60 days to help underprivileged children who need heart surgeries. The contributions went to Needy Heart Foundation, based in the same city. Students as young as 13 to as old as 17 took part in the initiative.

Italian middle schoolers come together to buy an island

Yes, you read that right. Rose Island, spotted in the Mediterranean region, is famous for its pink beaches and striking beauty. When the business tycoon that originally bought the island off an auction gave up on his ownership, Rose Island became the centre of much political dispute. When news spread that many rich buyers had their eyes on the unspoilt beauty, the children of a middle school in Piedmont decided to pool in three million pounds to buy the island! They are crowdfunding to convince every single child in Italy to donate 50 cents so that the island remains untouched, belonging to the children of Italy.

A boy from a Tanzanian village crowdfunded to become an astronaut

The fact that he was from a small Tanzanian village where educational facilities were scant (school beyond 6th grade didn’t exist) did nothing to hinder his dreams. At age seven, Gideon had made up his mind about his goal in life – to become an astronaut. With the help of a nonprofit that supports educational causes, Gideon received a scholarship to study in the U.S.! In 2014, he had completed a year of study at the Florida Air Academy and was already crowdfunding to afford his studies further!

Such is the astonishing power of crowdfunding. To change your life, start today.