Are you interested in recording videos directly on your computer? If you are there are several ways to go about it, and you may want to explore each one individually.

Record Video from a Webcam or External Device

The first option will require that you have a webcam or some other external recording device connected to your computer. Additionally you will need a video capture software – such as the software that came with the webcam, or the Windows Camera app (for Windows 10).

If you have both, you should be able to capture video footage via your webcam relatively easily. The video quality will depend on the resolution and frame rate that the webcam is able to capture.

It should be noted that there are ways to improve the webcam video so that it looks far better – such as by making sure the lighting is good.

Record Video Input from External Playback Devices

Technically this won’t allow you to record ‘new’ video footage, but it will let you record videos from external playback devices – such as VHS players. The device will need to be connected to the PC however, and if it is an analog device that will require a video capture card of some kind.

Once connected you should be able to record the video input using video capture software as you play media on the external device. In this fashion you can essentially digitize videos from VHS players, or even older camcorders – and record them on your computer as digital files.

Keep in mind that the resolution and frame rate of older videos generally isn’t great, and you should set up the recording based on that so as not to end up with an over-inflated file size.

Record Videos from a Computer Screen

Another option that you could use to record videos on a computer is to capture footage directly from its screen. Essentially that will let you record anything that is being displayed – and save it as a video.

To record videos from a computer screen you will need a screen recorder of some kind. For example you could use Movavi Screen Recorder Studio that can act as a video capture software in the methods outlined above too.

While there are built-in screen recorders in Windows 10 and macOS Mojave, a specialized screen recorder software will provide you with additional options and more control over the recording parameters. By recording your screen you can create a wide range of videos, or even save content such as online streaming videos, video calls, and more.

Final Words

Now that you know the three main ways that videos can be recorded on a computer, it is up to you which you decide to pursue. Each will fulfill a very specific role, whether it is to record conventional videos, footage from a computer screen, or to digitize existing media.

None are particularly difficult, and once you set everything up it should be easy to capture the videos that you need.