Not everyone is a fan of this pungent vegetable. It is infamous for chasing away the vampires and for making your loved ones cower away from your smelly breath. However, the health benefits associated with consuming this vegetable make it worth your while to eat a little garlic each day. Although this aromatic vegetable can be rather overpowering when consumed raw, it is really quite versatile. You can roast it, mince it or pickle it. Regardless of how you decide to prepare it, you should start your daily garlic routine today. You can also visit Analyze That here for more health-related information.

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Lowers Blood Pressure

Garlic extract contains a bioactive sulfur compound that has been proven to significantly decrease elevated blood pressure levels. Experts agree that this is the case because the majority of people who struggle with high blood pressure are deficient in sulfur. Garlic also contains Allicin, which is another compound that has been proven to lower blood pressure.

Reduces Cholesterol Levels

It has been proven that individuals who take a supplement that contains garlic extract have LDL cholesterol levels that are 10% lower than individuals who do not. The scientists who researched this believe that when you take garlic your liver is not able to produce as much cholesterol as others.

Improves Heart Health

Garlic is a powerful antioxidant; therefore, it can reduce some of the damage that has been inflicted on your heart by the free radicals in the environment. Additionally, using garlic regularly will improve the flexibility of your heart muscles and improve the supply of blood to your heart. This will reduce the risk of plaque building up in the blood vessels in your heart and thus lower the chances of you having a heart attack.

Helps To Keep Your Bones Healthy

The effects of daily life and aging can have a significant impact on the health of your bones. Experts have found that eating two or three cloves of raw garlic every day will significantly slow down the rate at which osteoporosis and arthritis develops. Additionally, it is believed that garlic contains a compound that slows down the production of enzymes in the body that damage the bones.

Restores Gut Health

Garlic acts as an excellent prebiotic. It kills off the harmful bacteria that exist in your digestive system and restores the good bacteria. However, individuals who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome may want to avoid it, as it is very high in fructans. Fructans are a type of carbohydrate that is also present in onions that are difficult to digest for individuals who suffer from this condition.

Relieves Insect Bites

Because garlic has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties it can be used to effectively relieve the pain and itching associated with insect bites. If an insect bites you, you can crush up a clove of garlic and mix it with a teaspoon of honey. You can then apply this mixture to the affected area for immediate relief.

Garlic Helps Your Body Fight Off Colds

This aromatic vegetable acts as an anti-inflammatory so it will help you to feel less pain when you are struggling with a cold. However, this is not the only reason that garlic is so great for you when you get sick. It also has incredibly powerful antibacterial properties. This will help to strengthen your immune system. You can also chew on a raw clove of garlic when your throat hurts which will provide you with considerable relief.

Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

High blood sugar can lead to diabetes, blood pressure complications, obesity etc. If you are suffering from high blood sugar levels, it could prove very beneficial to have a little garlic every day. Researchers have found that raw garlic significantly reduces blood glucose levels.

It Can Help You Lose Weight

Garlic is great for people who want to lose weight as the compounds in this vegetable prevent energy from being converted into fat. Additionally, when you consume garlic your body goes into a state of thermogenesis. When your body enters into this state, it becomes much more efficient at burning fat and calories.