Dianabol Tabletten, also known as Methandienone, has been made for ages as such. However, in all these years it has always managed to remain a popular option for all bodybuilders. One also needs to take into account in this regard that a number of steroids have been invented and used widely in the interim. There is still commendable demand for Dianabol Tabletten. As far as most bodybuilders are concerned, Dianabol Tabletten is always the preferred choice for their first cycle and there are some jolly good reasons for such a choice. Dianabol Tabletten happens to be a compound that does not cost much and its side effects can also be predicted rather easily.

Why is it preferred so much?     

There is a good reason as to why Dianabol Tabletten is preferred to such an extent by bodybuilders. This one here happens to be an oral steroid and is thus ideal for bodybuilders who do not want to use injections on themselves. Even today, the best and most famous bodybuilders use Methandienone at the time of their bulking cycles. The compound is also used when they attempt to maintain their bodies during the offseason.

How is it these days?

Nowadays, new bodybuilders use Dianabol Tabletten as their first ever steroid.

However, since these newbies retain a lot of water in their bodies they tend to lose the muscle they have gained thus. Bodybuilders are experienced in using it along with other oil steroids at the time when they are bulking cycles. Actually, Methandienone is used in order to improve muscle gain within a short span of time. They take it in the first four weeks when they are taking other oral and injectable steroids. The common dose of this drug is in the region of 30 to 50 mg each day and by doing that you can gain as much as 15 pounds of muscle.

You can discontinue taking Dianabol Tabletten after the first four weeks. This is when the other steroids you have been taking start to show their effect and you go on to make the most of the muscle you have gained.

A testosterone derivative

Methandienone can be called to have been derived from testosterone. It shows strong anabolic properties – its androgenic properties can be described as mild at best. It was in 1960 that the steroid was made for the first time ever. Right after its creation, the anabolic started to be used widely by athletes across disciplines.

The major reason for that is the fact that the steroid can be used rather easily and it happens to be highly effective at the same time. As far as the United States of America (USA) was concerned the steroid exploded like a meteor – it performed really well for a long period of time. However, it vanished into thin air just as quickly as well. This happened during the latter part of the 1980s when all the pharmacies stopped selling generic drugs. This was the time when people were quite nervous as well.