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As a tourist destination, Bali may be your celebration heaven, an adventure, or an oasis packed full of white sand beaches, hot tub, and shopping sprees. But one thing’s for sure: no matter what type of Bali trip you pick, you have to try their signature food — I can sure you that they are on a different level! So here are 4 of the best traditional dishes from Bali that you can find in any local restaurants. Bon Appetite!

Nasi Campur

Balinese Nasi Campur (meaning mixed meals with rice) is a fave with sailors (and us!) Who typically dine with this bit-of-everything dish for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. Like the select and mix of the Balinese dining room, it is a variety of Indonesia snacks. For all of us, the mark of authentically good Nasi Campur lies in the Ayam Panggang (grilled chicken), the beef rendang (beef curry) and needless to say, the selection of sexy sambals. For the Nasi Campur encounter, search for the buffet-style warnings which allow you to point to what you wish to test in the glass cabinets. In our situation: everything.

Sate Lilit Ikan

We have all attempted satay (grilled skewered meat) before — it’s almost everywhere in Southeast Asia. But not everyone has had the joy of tasting traditional Balinese Sate Lilit Ikan (fish satay). Skewered and spiced minced fish is grilled over an open fire (occasionally on the side of the street ), and the result is a slightly sweet, slightly hot and delicious morsel molded about a lemongrass stem or wooden stick. It is best enjoyed with a healthy dose of sambal — obviously.

Bebek Betutu

Bebek Betutu (smoked duck) is possibly the most authentic dish on Bali’s must-eat list. Ducks wrapped in banana leaves and coconut husks filled with a mixture of spices and are rubbed, then cooked in a pit of embers. Spotting an authentically-cooked Bebek Betutu is simple: search for lashings of smoky duck meat that’s been cooked to a multi softness and slathered inside and out with slightly charred basa gede (Bali’s traditional spice mix) with lingering hints of lemongrass, turmeric, and ginger.


Not for the faint-hearted, Lawar is a Balinese meat salad made from minced pork (or sometimes even dragonflies and turtles), offal, young jackfruit, coconut, galangal, chilies, spices, and new blood. It’s a dish which makes for a real adventure on almost any Balinese culinary travel, but it is highly recommended if you can stomach it! If you can’t, you can request lawar, but it’s just not the real thing.