Marble is known to us as a beautiful stone, used for building for various purposes. From public houses to residential buildings, we may find the presence of marbles at lots of sites. For its bright look, we choose it for our floor surface. However, you shouldn’t leave the floor untreated after installing the marble slabs. Like any other floor material, marble also needs maintenance regularly. Cleaning or polishing is the best way to deal with the marble pieces. We have now presented detailed instructions on how to polish marble floor easily.

How to buy the right marbles

When you are purchasing marble slabs, you have to pick the right ones for your flooring. The slip-resistant marbles are the best choices for most of the houses. If you are choosing marbles for renovating the floor, you have to check out the consistent pattern of the tiles. The best marble tiles are also resilient and cannot get broken.

Never make these mistakes to keep up the shape of marbles

You may make mistakes on cleaning or polishing marbles. In most cases, the users do not apply high-quality sealant. This can cause issues in the future. Some users leave the stains untreated for long hours. It can make the stain tougher, and you won’t be able to remove it.

Tips and guides for polishing marble stones

With simple efforts, you will be able to get back the real look of your marble flooring surface. You won’t have to use any special tool to do the task. A stone grinder and a drill are the two items, essential for this process. This is a dry polishing method and may cause the formation of dust. Thus, cover all the adjacent things by using the cloth.

Buy a sandpaper (silicon carbide) to clean the stone surface. Attach your sanding pad piece to the grinder or drill. Put slight pressure while using the system. You have to constantly slide it while it spins. This will give you a shining look of the marble floor.

You may find special powder, used to polish marbles. This powder is useful for removal of water-related stains from the surface. However, for the stubborn spots, you have to start honing the marble.

Thus, follow our brief guide on polishing and cleaning the marble surface. You will be able to sustain the value of your precious marbles for several years.