Ever wondered how those display corn hole board decals look so seamless to the board that you’d swear they could have grown on the trees they came from? Corn hole board decals are a fun way to show your team spirit or decorative personality, but how do you apply them with no bubbles or fold-ups? Follow these tips from our corn hole experts to learn the secret.

Applying the Decal

There are two ways corn hole board decals can stick to boards: wet and dry applications. Either method is perfectly fine, and most people champion one method over the other because of preference. Here’s how you use them in further detail:

  • For the wet application, a solution of one drop dish soap in twelve ounces of water is sprayed onto the board and sticky side of the decal. Then, the decal is carefully applied from one end to the other with a flattening tool such as a credit card or a squeegee. This method is particularly useful for beginners because there is more forgiveness with moving the decal while it is being stuck on.
  • The dry application is exactly as it sounds – you’re sticking the decal straight onto the board. For accurate placement, keep the backing paper on the decal and tape one corner to the board with painter’s tape. Then, slowly remove the paper and stick parts of the decal one inch at a time with your flattening tool.
  • For both methods, you can trace the decal’s edge onto the board with a graphite or wax pencil to create a guide to use when you’re attaching the decal.

Removing Air Bubbles

No matter how careful you are at applying the decal, air bubbles are inevitable. But hope is not lost! Simply use your flattening tool to carefully push the bubbles out starting from the center. Or, you can let the board sit the way it is and the bubbles will deflate on their own over time. Too antsy to wait that long? Create a pinhole in the bubble with a safety pin. No need to worry about damaging your decal – you’ll only need the hole big enough to move the air out.

After Application

Once your corn hole board decals are applied, make sure to give them enough time to dry. You’ll want to wait at least 24 hours, particularly if you’ve used the wet method. You can also dry the decal faster with a hairdryer as an alternative route. Once cured, apply a clear polyurethane coat to preserve the decal’s integrity. And when that cures, your boards are ready to go for their first corn hole run!