While surfing the web, you may come across an audio, for example, an important news on the internet radio but you have no time to listen. This is the time when you can use a screencast recorder like Movavi Screen Capture Studio to record it. Movavi Screen Capture Studio can record everything on the screen including the sound that is playing on your speaker. Since you are only recording the audio, the file size will be considerably smaller.

To record the audio, you must first open the site that have the audio track. It is important that you don’t play the audio track first. Now, you must open Movavi Screen Capture Studio and click the cross hair cursor on anywhere in the screen. Now, you can press the Rec button. When the count down reach 0, quickly play the audio to have it recorded.

Before you start recording, make sure the system audio is enabled if you are recording the sound from the speaker. If it is playing on your physical radio, you can enable the microphone and put the radio in a near distance to record the audio.

In Movavi Screen Capture Studio, you can press the F10 key to start the audio recording session. It will show how big is the file size of the screencast that you are recording is so that you know when to stop in case your hard disk has not enough space. Get more details at  https://www.movavi.com/support/how-to/mac/capture-system-sounds-on-mac.html.

If there is some problems with the audio source you are recording, you can press F9 to pause the recording. When you want to resume the recording, you also press the same shortcut key which is F9. When you are done recording, press the stop key to go to the saving screen. You will see a player which you can play back the audio you have just recorded.

On the player, you will see the white marker, which is the tool for selecting the part you want to delete. When you drag the white marker, it will select the video track it passed. The selected video track is darker green color. Once the unwanted part is selected, you can click the scissor button to cut it.  

The last step is to click the Save as button and save it on your computer. There are 2 types of output formats for audio recording including MP4 and MP3. It will show you the file size of the converted audio track.

If you want to further edit the audio, you can access the video editor by clicking on the Open in Editor button. If the sound level of the audio you record is not loud enough, you can go to the clip properties and drag the volume slider to the right to increase the volume. You can drag other soundtracks into the timeline to merge with the soundtrack you’d just recorded. You can also drag a video above the soundtrack to use the soundtrack as the background audio.

If it is a long audio, you can divide it into several recording sessions. Screen recording usually takes a lot of spaces in just a few minutes of recording. To save hard disk space, you can record a short session and save it to an external drive before recording the second part and so on.