Many people dream of becoming big as an entrepreneur, they want to earn money and live lavishly. But how many wish to serve the country and society in need with the help of that money? A handful from several billionaires!! Thankfully, the count of philanthropist business entrepreneurs is increasing with time, only because certain legends have set milestones and presented their life as an inspiration. Peter Loftin is one such highly successful and rich entrepreneurs in USA, who is always dedicated to serve his country and society at the best. He has never stepped aside in the time when country was inneed.

Peter Loftin Donated A Lot to Relief Work During WTC Attack


During the terror attacks on WTC in 2001, Peter Loftin lend huge sums of donations for the relief operation that was going on during those tragic days. Perhaps, he could have earned this patriotic trait from his father Robert G. Loftin who was a Korean war veteran and retired US Government SocialSecurity Administration. A son of a fighter remained a fighter apart from being a great businessman. Peter loves to help people at every level and for the first time, it was witnessed when during his twenties, he started an initiative to distribute coats to poor kids. The idea was to help poor children get protective clothing in cold season.

Peter Loftin Has Taken Initiatives for Education and Children’s Development

Loftin’s initiatives for children include starting of a camp named Camp BTI, which had a group known as Boys and Girls Club of America. Children learnt to communicate with each other do some productive works through team-building. Apart from being a great businessman, Peter Loftin is known for his even temper and humility. He started everything from scratch since he had no business family background. And he went on tasting success and appreciation one after another. Still, he never flaunts it remains very composed and calm.

Peter cares for public health and that is why he has been donating a huge sum of money to several health centres. He donates a lot to museums, schools, art centres etc. since he has a fascination for arts and concern towards education. Peter Loftin started charity right from the beginning of his career and has continued it so far. All his journey started from dreaming big when he was just a salesman who used to sell telephones from door to door. He learned the traits of marketing, business etc. at that time during this job and dreamt if owning a telecom company.

Success Was Never Away from Peter Loftin

Very soon when he was just twenty-five years old, he established his own venture named BTI and luckily and tactically, it became famous. He tasted success for the first time and then never looked back. Awards, praises, recognitions and responsibilities kept on coming on his way. Peter has always been a fearless businessman who never feared taking risks. And that is why he has made that big a name today. People like him are inspiration for young generation. Dreaming big and making it true is always possible, no matter from which background you come. Everything starts with an idea!