Ridesharing has seemingly become an instant hit overnight, with many people flocking to their phones to order themselves a driver. It’s undeniable that ridesharing companies like WeDrive, Uber and Shebah are taking Australia by storm.

Let’s have a look into three of the fastest growing rideshare organisations in Australia.


Now one of the leading ridesharing services in the world, Uber launched in Australia in 2012.

This ridesharing giant is estimated to be valued at $72 billion and in May 2016, Uber was available in more than 499 cities in 66 countries around the world.

The service works by requesting a driver through a mobile app and getting picked up and dropped off in the driver’s own car.

Other features include real-time tracking, splitting a fare and pinpointing on the app exactly where you want to be picked up.

Uber now offers other services such as Uber Eats, UberXL and Uber Bike and Premium.


WeDrive is different to other ridesharing services in that the driver drives you home in your own vehicle. The service works by pairing you with your own designated driver, so that you don’t have to leave your vehicle behind and pick it up the next day.

The original concept of WeDrive was launched in 2010, with the idea to reduce the number of driving related accidents and deaths. Now, the ridesharing company has grown quickly by offering passengers a unique way to get home.

Other features of the app include geo-tracking your drivers, booking in advance, contacting your driver and a ratings system.


Shebah is Australia’s first and only all-women ridesharing service. Female drivers transport women and children safely to their destination.

The rideshare app began servicing Australians in 2017 and has grown rapidly since then. Shebah offers ridesharing to major cities across the country.

Similar to Uber and WeDrive, Shebah works by using a mobile device to book a driver. Rides are available to all women, including children and boys up to the age of 18.

Other features include tracking your driver in real-time, sharing your current location to friends or relatives and being able to identify your car on the map by colour and registration.

Some of the other Australian ridesharing services include DiDi, GoCatch, Taxify, Ola and HOP.