Mumbai is a joy to live in, whether you are a college-going teen or a working tween. The city seems to have a heartbeat of its own with the constant, hectic movement and seemingly perfect harmony in the surrounding chaos. It is one of the most youthful places in the country, but there is one thing that greatly influences your happiness- your roommate.

With accommodation becoming an increasingly larger problem in the city, you are sure to consider having a roommate, whether you choose a paying guest in Mumbai for male or get a flat for rent in Mumbai. Choosing the right roommate is supremely important, so here we shall look at a few aspects to consider while selecting a roommate.

  • Think Ahead: The age-old saying, ‘haste makes waste’ is applicable while selecting the right roommate for your 1bhk on rent in Mumbai. There is nothing worse than selecting a person quickly. People who plan ahead, maybe months in advance, are also usually the kind of people who pay up their share of the rent, or do the household chores ahead of time. You are sure to get a roommate who is considerate, if have a good idea of what you are looking for in a flat-mate.
  • Get Acquainted: No matter how perfect the person seems to be, there is that one thing that is going to annoy you to no end. He might have frequent parties, play loud music, watch TV a lot, work all the time, or do something similar that is going to make you irritable. So it is wise to know as much as you can about the person, before you make the decision.
  • Pay Attention to the Details: Getting the right roommate is just like dating- only more intimate. Whether it is for a flat or a room on rent in Mumbai, you have to pay attention to the first conversation you have, when you meet. The chances of a red flag popping up are high, in the first meeting. Does he smell of cigarettes? Did he seem judgemental in the conversation? Look for red flags in the conversation carefully, and you can avoid people you might end up hating.
  • Money Talks: Money, and its splitting might be the single, most problematic aspect of living with a roommate. Therefore, it is wise to bring up this topic before you settle on a roommate. You should give the person an estimate of the total expenses, and how much he is expected to pay every month. The time of payment also needs to be fixed. Some people are comfortable sharing food costs, but others might not be. Clear the air about such matters before he/she moves into your apartment.

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