It is an ancient game based on chances. It was originated in China and is an easy and fast game which is very popular in all the casinos of the world. Sic Bo means precious dice in English which enlightens you about the objective of the game. Dice are subjected to role and bets are placed on a numerical result. The game is very famous in Asian countries. Sic Bo might seem similar to Craps, but it’s no surprise. There is no particular way to roll the dice. It is purely based on chance. The dice are rolled at the same time and the betting is done before the dice are thrown. There are not many easier Bitcoin games available like Sic Bo.

How to bet during Sic Bo

The gist of the game is to accurately predict what will be the numerical sum obtained when the dice are added up to. You can determine the outcome, and place a bet on a particular number for huge odds, or safe play and bet on the number categories. You can also bet on multiple outcomes just like in roulette. The best part of the crypto casino Sic Bo is the variation you can possess while placing a bet. The most common kinds of bet are small and big, also called as lo or hi. Small means that betting on the sum of three dice will range between 4 and 10. Big means that the betting on the sum of the three dice will range between 11 and 17. Another bet category is odd or even numbers. The longer your odds get, the more particular your bet. So, if you bet on Particular Triplets or Doubles, the exact number you predicted will appear on either dice two or three and you will win more if you just bet on small.