If you are a water-lover or would love to travel to a place and enjoy a great vacation that involves water, then Malaysia should be high up on your list of places to explore. Another great thing that works in favour of Malaysia is the low cost of such adventure sports as compared to other locations in the region or elsewhere. Travelling to Malaysia is also not expensive, when you check out the several options for reasonable flight fares on Yatra.com. Here’s a low-down on some of the best adventure sports to try while you are there!

Have fun with the Banana Boats

If you would like to combine fun, laughter and friendly-bets, then a ride on the banana boat is a must. Shaped like a banana and tethered to a powered boat, the main boat executes a couple of swift moves and tries to dislodge you into the water! Well, worry-not as you will have life-saving jackets. The fun and the amusement that ensues is unmatched to anything else you will ever experience. This is a great adventure sport especially if you are traveling with a bunch of friends or with your extended family.

Try your hand at Sailing

Sailing is something that only a true connoisseur will understand. The weather in Malaysia is perfectly suited for this sport. So, depending on the weather, you will be either cruising on calm and beautiful waters or the winds can give you quite the rush and excitement of managing the boat. While you will he helped by the crew, it can truly give you the best experience of controlling a boat on your own. Langkawi may be a popular destination in Malaysia but the choices it offers for water adventure sport seekers is unparalleled.

Get Adventurous with Wakeboarding

It is without doubt one of the truly fastest growing water sports you may have seen. While experiencing it in its true form requires quite a bit of learning, practice and experience, you can most definitely experience the thrill of it by signing up for one of the sessions at Langkawi. There are instructors who can give you a quick lesson, and allow you to experience it. Mersing, Johor is also a great place to try this sport out.

Fly-high with Para-Sailing   

It has not been simply said that it is not for the faint-hearted and truly so, while the para sail is tethered to a boat and you fly along for the ride, it can be quite scary if you have never tried this before. But, if you are contemplating on doing it for the first time, then this is the best place to try it!

White Water Rafting is the best here   

If navigating waters (typically moderately rough) on an inflatable raft is your thing, then head on to one of the many islands in Malaysia which can give you quite the thrill. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you will enjoy the wonderful challenges the water offers you.

Tap into your “inner-chi” with Kayaks

For the hard-core fitness enthusiasts, a canoeing trip or a kayak ride along the several islands hidden or known will give you that perfect thrill you seek. While it looks peaceful and easy, let the boat not fool you as you will need a load of physical strength to conquer the waters. As you do, you will enjoy great views of hidden caves and wonderful sights of the islands.

So, what are you waiting for? Log on to Yatra.com and start planning that long-awaited trip to Malaysia!