A majority of elderly population could comprehend with smart phones and other technical gadgets of the present times. They have made Facebook profiles. They would be aware of how to operate Skype. However, does it depend on the nation they reside? Does it depend on the local having good understanding on the latest technology? Let us explore the latest figures that Acorn Stairlifts, retailers for curved stairlifts have brought forth.

Using the internet

Talking about the internet, most people may forget about their daily life. They may not even have a regular life without the internet. Most people may merely use the internet to apprise them of the latest news, weather forecast and hourly work. Do you think the older generation would be comfortable with the internet? In the recent times, the popularity of internet is far and wide. Results show that more than 75% of elders have started using the internet when they were asked to use it in 2017. However, there has been a 20% increase since 2011, showing huge interest developing in the people during the span of seven years.

Smartphone and tablets

Internet could be easily accessed through usage of smart phones and tablets. A majority of people would be using touch screen devices that could answer queries, provide useful and relevant information and connect with friends with a single tap on the device. The question to ponder upon would be whether the elder people become comfortable with the prospective results offered by the latest gadgets and devices.

More than 45% over the age of 55 have been using Smartphone since 2016 in UK. The numbers would be higher in US, as 32% over the age of 65, 20% elderly over the age of 80 owned a tablet and 19% claimed to own an e-reader. However, in case the elder people need assistance, they should reach out seeking help in using the new device.